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Content satisfaction surveys give users insight into how satisfied their customers are with overall content, including product content, homepage content, page navigation and layout.

All aspects of content


It’s not only written content you should be monitoring. Learn how customers experience page design and navigation.

Get more feedback


Ask clear and concise questions in your surveys. Get more detailed feedback in return.

Fully customisable


Customise your surveys with questions that are suited to your website.

Why make a content satisfaction survey?


Surveys that measure content satisfaction give you in-depth feedback on how your customers experience your content. These surveys let you see how frequently a particular user visits your site, along with what they think of your homepage content, page navigation, product content and more.

What types of survey questions are best?


The options are endless! But to give you some direction, here is our advice. Start off with a simple satisfaction question (e.g. ‘How satisfied are you with our content?’). Then dive deeper. For example, either throw in an NPS score (‘How likely is it that you’ll recommend us’) or go straight to the more specific content questions, e.g. ‘How frequently do you visit our site’ and/or give them the opportunity to rank content-types, such as homepage, product content, etc, individually. Lastly you can request their contact details in case it’s a more serious lead.

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