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Customers always have suggestions on how you can improve your website. It’s just a matter of giving the opportunity to express those thoughts. With a suggestion box, you give them that chance, gaining insight into bugs, as well as how to improve content, services, your product and more.

Generates new ideas


Give customers the option to submit their suggestions and gain new perspective.

Customise the look-and-feel


Customise your form by listing suggestions relevant to your website. Fit-for-purpose is key here.

Easy analysis


Categorise responses and quickly discover which areas you need to work on the most.

Why make a suggestion box survey?


The commonly used phrase, ‘all suggestions are welcome’ is very fitting when it comes to feedback. Why pass up the opportunity to accept free suggestions? Suggestion box surveys are a great and easy way to collect feedback from your website visitors. After all, they are the ones experiencing your website first-hand and more importantly, the ones capable of giving you a new perspective.

What types of survey questions are best?


The best thing to do here is to start off with a category. Let the visitor define the category of their suggestion. This will make it easier to analyse and filter through later on. So for example, start off by asking, ‘How does your suggestion help us’, or ‘Choose a category for your suggestion’. Then give your visitors options that are most relevant to your website, e.g. resolves bugs, improves content, improves product, etc. For more of an explanation, round it off with an open answer section asking, ‘What is your suggestion?’.

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