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Customer Effort Score is a popular metric that measures how much effort it took the customer to achieve his/her goal. This type of surveys is typically used mainly to gauge the aggregate, digital user experience experience of your customers with your product, enabling you to lower frustrations and provide a smooth online journey.

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Why make a CES survey?


Poor UX and usability forces your customers to expend more effort achieving their online goals. The moment you start employing CES surveys, you give your customers the opportunity to share what is standing in their path. And guess what? The insights they provide are your key to improving your website and lowering customer effort!

What types of survey questions are best?


When asking for Customer Effort Score you’ll want to be very concise. Typically businesses use the following question, ‘How much effort did it take you to achieve your goal?’, whereby the visitor must select a rating on a from a five-point scale starting with ‘Very little effort’ to ‘Very much effort’. Often CES is followed up with an open question (meaning they don’t have an answer selection but rather are prompted to type in text), ‘Do you have any suggestions to improve our website?’.

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