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All ambiguity goes out the door with visual feedback! This type of feedback survey is used to improve page usability and web design. Letting your visitors submit screenshots of bugs or other design issues on your website gives you immediate and precise insight into the issue.

Clear reporting


View screenshots associated with feedback and start improving your UX, one bug at a time.

Easy to build


That’s right, building your survey will be easy as pie. Add your question(s), customise the design and you’re good to go.

Less website bugs


Bug reports are a high source of irritation among customers. Less bugs = happier customers!

Why make a visual feedback survey?


Visual feedback enables website visitors to pinpoint specific page elements (including forms, images, buttons or paragraphs) and provide feedback on those page elements. Being able to identify these issues allows users to make instant improvements in the user experience and usability of their website and thus increase online conversions among customers.

What types of survey questions are best?


Most visual feedback is collected in combination with another metric. For example, with Goal completion Rate (GCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). The addition of these metrics give the feedback a bit of extra context. To submit a screenshot, all you need to do is add camera icon and the text, ‘Click the camera icon below to add a screenshot’. It’s as simple as that!

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