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Traditional smiley faces have been around for years now as a popular feedback metric. So why stop now? Try using these on your homepage forms to gauge user experience on your website.

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Impress your users with a simple, yet beautiful survey. More feedback means more resources for improvement.

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Get powerful insights into how your customers experience your website and start making useful changes.

Why make a smiley feedback survey?


Smileys are great for capturing responses quickly from customers all across your website and getting user opinions regarding the overall user experience. In fact, because they are so quick and easy to fill in, response rates are much higher with these surveys. See for yourself!

What types of survey questions are best?


Don’t complicate things too much here! Simply asking ‘What is your opinion of this website’ or ‘What do you think of this webpage?’ will suffice. It’s always helpful to add an open comments section as well to better understand why they are content or discontent.

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