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Crafting good surveys is a science. Each and every survey requires a certain degree of interaction, conversation and allure…
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Feedback forms have become more versatile than ever! Use your feedback forms to collect applications from job candidates.

Get more applicants


Building attractive, easy-to-fill in job applications forms will boost response rates. And voila! A bigger selection of applicants!

Make it fun


Most job applications are boring. Spice yours up with images, quirky questions and make it fun for your applicants!

No extra costs


No more outsourcing to third parties for a career page. Create customisable and free job application forms in minutes!

Why make a job application form?


You know how it goes… Filling in job applications is known to be a boring, prosaic activity for most job seekers. Now is your chance to make it fun, engaging and in line with your style. Not to mention, you’ll have all your applicant’s responses in one place, making the selection process easier than ever.

What types of survey questions are best?


This probably isn’t your first time drawing up an application form. As you know, there are pages and pages of questions you can ask your applicants, but try not to make it a never-ending process. Start with the basics. Ask for their contact information and then move onto the more job-related details. You can use ratings to have them rank their skills (e.g. How would you rate your communication skills?), or ask open answer questions to gauge their motivation or intentions (e.g. What is the main reason you applied for a job here / Salary indication, etc).

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