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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is one of the top scoring methods among businesses for measuring loyalty to your brand. Mobile CSAT is essentially a measurement of how your brand (or services) meets the expectations of your mobile customers.

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All mobile surveys are available native, in-app. Try our mobile SDK and see for yourself.

Choose your scale


Choose from likert scales, smileys, stars and more to collect CSAT in the way you see fit.

Get more feedback


Impress visitors with a smooth and functional survey. After all, more feedback means more resources for improvement.

Why make a mobile CSAT survey?


CSAT surveys are great for collecting insights into the satisfaction of your mobile customers with your product or service. This metric makes it very easy to measure how your mobile app meets customer expectations, while simultaneously discovering issues and hurdles in your mobile app.

What types of survey questions are best?


CSAT surveys typically start off with the most critical of questions: ‘How satisfied are you with xxx’. Fill this next part in with which aspect of your business you want to receive feedback on. For example, ‘How satisfied are you with our services?’ or ‘How satisfied are you with our product?’. To measure results, businesses may use either a CSAT number scale (1-10), agree/disagree scales, stars or smileys. It can also be helpful to follow up with a category so as to quickly specify the type of feedback during analysis.

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