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Find gaps in the mobile experience that are preventing customers from reaching their goals. With a GCR survey, you gain insight into which of your visitors have completed, partly completed or failed to complete a specific goal within your mobile app.

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Why make a mobile GCR survey?


GCR surveys are great for collecting quick and meaningful feedback from visitors who are struggling to achieve their goals due to, for example, a mobile experience issue or functionality gap in one of your sales or onboarding funnels. What’s interesting with this method is that when a customer fails in reaching his/her goal on your website, you are the first to know, which presents the opportunity to rectify the situation and help the customer convert.

What types of survey questions are best?


The most common way of asking for a GCR score is to ask flat out, ‘Did you achieve your goal?’ with a list of answers, ‘Yes’, ‘Partly’ or ‘No’. However, there’s more to it than just that. Asking a visitor if their goal was achieved is not exactly the most actionable insight on its own. Try incorporating some follow up questions to get more information and detail into the matter. For example, ‘How do you think we can improve this web page’, or ‘Would you like to add a comment?’.

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