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CES is used mainly to gauge the aggregate, digital experience of your customers with your product and how much effort it took to a visitor to achieve their goal. however you can also use mobile CES surveys to collect feedback at a number of other touchpoints along the customer journey with an app.

Highly actionable


Quickly pinpoint weaknesses in your mobile funnels and reduce unnecessary struggles.

Real-time analytics


All CES scores are calculated in real-time and placed into customisable charts for quick and easy analysis.

Native in-app


All mobile surveys are available as native in-app surveys. Try our mobile SDK and see for yourself.

Why make a CES survey?


If your customer has to expend more effort in achieving their goal than expected, due to something like poor design or usability, they’re much more likely to leave your mobile app. Having that said, Customer Effort Score is a metric you’ll want to monitor regularly.

What types of survey questions are best?


Typically businesses use the following question, ‘How much effort did it take you to achieve your goal?’, after which the visitor must select a rating on a from a five-point scale starting with ‘Very little effort’ to ‘Very much effort’. Often CES is followed up with an open question, ‘Do you have any suggestions to improve our website?’.

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