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Crafting good surveys is a science. Each and every survey requires a certain degree of interaction, conversation and allure…
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Get your visitors registered in style with your very own, customisable and eye-catching registration form(s). Added bonus? Responses are available live in your dashboard!

Compatible with mobile


Whether they sign up on desktop or the go with a mobile device, you’ll be ready.

Eye-catching design


Create beautiful forms that are easy and intuitive for your visitors and get more registrations.

Live results


View all registered persons right away in your real-time dashboard.

Why make a registration form?


Registration forms are an easy and organised way of gathering sign ups for events, such as webinars, trade shows, seminars, etc. They also enable users to collect the exact information they wish to obtain from their registered visitors using custom questions and fields.

What types of survey questions are best?


This depends on what your visitors are registering for, but in general it’s helpful to start with their name, contact details (e.g. email address) and then go into any necessary details you need. For example, if it’s for an event where there will be food, you can ask if your visitors have any dietary requirements (using an open comments field).

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