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Even if your customer has made a purchase or completed a process, it doesn’t mean they did so with ease. Post-purchase (or post-experience) is a great time to ask how things went and where your customer stands loyalty-wise.

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All NPS scores are calculated in real-time and placed into customisable charts for quick and easy analysis.

Why make an email confirmation survey with NPS?


Collecting NPS in a post-purchase email confirmation is a great way to understand how your customers experienced your online journey. Having just completed their purchase or any other online, the experience is still fresh in their minds – meaning it’s the perfect time to ask for feedback.

What types of survey questions are best?


Kick off your survey with an NPS question: ‘How likely are you to recommend our website to friends and family?’. Then dive deeper and add follow up questions that will help you discover factors which may help you improve. ‘What could we improve upon – according to you’. You could either leave this as an open answer section or use multiple choice and select main areas of improvement (e.g. online offers, ease of purchase, etc). This survey doesn’t need to be long by any means.

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